Los Angeles Uber Accidents: Knowing Your Rights as a Passenger and Driver

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Los Angeles Uber Accidents: Knowing Your Rights as a Passenger and Driver

Since UberCab was founded in 2009, the transportation network company shortened its name to Uber and dominates the ridesharing market. In the fourth quarter of 2023, Uber had 150 million users each month in the 70 countries where it operates. That same year, more than 9.4 rides were completed leading to more than $37.5 billion in revenues.

Uber is a leading means for getting to and from destinations in Los Angeles. Whether it’s a ride to or from LAX or a sober driver for a night out on the town, you want your ride or gig to go well. What happens if you’re in an accident as an Uber driver or passenger? What are your rights?

Understanding Uber’s Insurance Coverage

Uber requires its drivers to maintain personal insurance coverage at the mandatory minimum limits for collision and comprehensive. No driver is allowed to provide ride-sharing services through Uber without providing this proof of insurance. 

A driver’s personal insurance covers your car when they’re offline. Uber provides insurance to its drivers in the following amounts and at different times.

When the driver is online and available for trips:

  • $50,000 per person and $100,000 per accident (Injury coverage)
  • $25,000 (property damage)

When the driver is heading to pick up or currently transporting a passenger:

  • $1 million for property damage and injuries to riders and third parties when the Uber driver is at fault.
  • Coverage for car repairs, minus a $2,500 deductible that’s based on your personal coverage.

Uber drivers can pay for an Optional Injury Protection policy that covers the driver’s injuries in an accident. Without this protection, an Uber driver’s injuries may not be covered if the driver is found to be at fault.

Some state laws allow Uber to offer additional coverage, including hit-and-run accidents, under/uninsured drivers, personal injury protection, and medical payments.

Your Rights as a Passenger

As a passenger, you’re a client so Uber’s insurance policy will cover medical expenses and damages to personal property. You have the right to seek medical attention and not worry about the expense. 

Report an accident as soon as you can by signing into Uber and going through the help desk to access accident reporting. If you run into problems or find the driver or Uber is denying your rights as a passenger, seek an accident attorney to help you ensure fair treatment by the company or driver.

Consultations with an attorney are free, so it’s in your best interest to seek representation. You may feel fine right now, but in the days following an accident, as the shock and adrenaline subside, you may notice that the adrenaline was masking pain. You could find you have injuries you didn’t notice at first that make it hard to do your job or maintain your usual routine with your kids. Talk to an attorney who specializes in Uber accidents to protect yourself.

Your Rights as a Driver

Uber drivers need to report accidents ASAP through the Uber driver app, online, or by phone. Do not delay this step. It’s important to ensure insurance coverage applies as soon as possible. Uber can help you better understand what Uber insurance covers and what your personal insurance is responsible for.

Uber insurance doesn’t cover the cost of a rental while your car is fixed or replaced. You’ll need to figure out how to get around until you have a car again.

Uber will likely deactivate your account while the accident is investigated. If you rely on that income, it’s going to be stressful. Make sure you talk to an Uber accident attorney to protect your rights and help you get back to work as quickly as possible.

The Steps to Take in an Accident

If you’re in an accident as a driver, make sure the passengers are okay, if you can. Call 9-1-1 to get paramedics and police to come to the accident scene. 

If you’re able to walk around, take photos of the scene. Include damages to your car, other cars, and the surrounding area. If any witnesses have dash cams, see if they’ll send you a copy of the file. If you have a dash cam, save the file and make sure it’s uploaded to the cloud to avoid accidental deletion.

Bring up the Uber app and access the “Safety Toolkit” from the bottom left corner of your map to access “Report a Crash.” If preferred, you can also call support staff and access the Safety Incident Reporting Line. Do this as soon as you can. Keep updated on the progress of your report through the app’s Crash Center.

Riders can also report accidents to Uber. Log in to Uber.com and access the help desk’s accident reporting tool.

As either the driver or passenger, if paramedics recommend being seen at the hospital. Do it. Insurance will cover medical expenses, and you don’t want to get home, be all alone, and suddenly find out something is very wrong. It’s better to go to the hospital and learn you’re okay than be home alone and realize you have an injury that needs immediate medical attention.

Keep track of all of your bills from doctors, physical therapists, etc. Insurance pays for medical expenses related to the accident. When you get a bill, submit it as soon as possible.

How Is Fault Determined?

California uses a pure comparative negligence system to determine fault in an accident. Damages are reduced based on the amount of negligence that is attributed to you. For example, you crash into another car that was slowing down, but that car didn’t have its turn signal on. While you crashed into them, their failure to use a directional is partly to blame so you don’t shoulder the full responsibility.

This is important as it helps determine which insurance policy is used in an Uber accident. Uber’s insurance isn’t necessarily the insurance that pays out. If the other driver (third-party) is found to be 80% at fault, that third-party driver’s insurance pays for 80% of the damages, and the Uber driver or Uber insurance covers the remaining 20%.

Get Help From an Uber Accident Attorney

Protect yourself by getting help from an Uber accident attorney. You may be completely new to the insurance claim process and following investigations, but an attorney has done this many times and has the expertise you need to ensure you are treated fairly throughout the process.

When you work with a Los Angeles attorney specializing in Uber accidents, you’re going to have an easier time navigating the challenging aspect of Uber insurance claims and compensation for your damages. Whether you’re the driver or the passenger, contact Shegerian Conniff to get started. Our initial consultations are free, and you don’t have to pay us upfront. Our payment comes from the award or settlement we negotiate for you.

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