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Shegerian Conniff was founded to provide the highest quality legal service for those in need of representation in any employment or personal injury matter. Whether our clients have been wronged by their employers or have been personally injured, our skilled legal team and trial attorneys have the experience and resources to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients in order to maximize their results. Throughout our careers, Shegerian and Conniff have recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients and will fight for you too.

Our mission is to help you rebuild your life and recover from the losses you suffered. We understand how devastating a loss can be, whether you’re suffering from a loss of your job, or the threat of one, a tragedy, tragic injury or accident, our goal is to carefully usher you through the difficult process of vindicating your rights and rebuilding your life again.

We are lawyers dedicated to helping people who have been victimized by their employers. We understand how important one’s job is. Not only to themselves but to their entire family. A workplace that is riddled with harassment, discrimination and/or retaliation can not only harm someone financially but also can take an extremely significant toll on the person’s emotional state.
The outcome of one’s employment case can affect the entire trajectory of that person’s life. It will not only affect their employment record, their reputation in the community and their ability to support themselves and their loved ones but also can affect one’s self esteem, emotional state and interpersonal relationship. The losses are not always visible but they are very real to those experiencing them.

We only get one opportunity to get this very important job done. Because of this we only handle a limited number of cases at a time. This allows us to give our clients the attention and respect they deserve.

Handling another’s case should never be about making quick money and moving on. It’s a complicated and detailed process which requires the upmost attention to detail. We never forget, we deal with peoples careers, livelihood and lives. We understand that it is a big responsibility.
On civil cases (those cases where our client needs to file a claim or lawsuit against another person, company or government agency), we normally work on a contingency fee basis (meaning that we are paid for our services only from any monetary recovery obtained for our client). Meaning, “affordability” should not be a concern for anyone who needs our help.

We look forward to speaking with you about your case, or answering any questions you may have about us or our firm.

Shegerian Conniff is committed to helping our community. We encourage every member of our team to become and stay actively involved in our community through professional groups, organizations as well as charitable causes. This involvement not only helps us give back, which we know is important, but keeps the fire lit inside us to keep working harder than ever everyday to represent those who need us.

We currently take cases in the following cities and their surrounding areas:
-Los Angeles
-Orange County
-San Francisco
-San Diego

If you need help, location is not an issue-we will fight for your rights no matter what area of California you are in.

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